Actuarial Empire

For Professors

Actuarial Empire is committed to providing you with all the tools you need in teaching your class

How Actuarial Empire Can Help

  1. Fully detailed slides with equation numbering and examples that match the text for easy cross-referencing.
  2. Practice quizzes and tests for your students to practice outside of class.
  3. Help with preparing the syllabus and timeline for the class.
  4. A full index and glossary for students to easily look up definitions.
  5. Custom editions for your class: If you desire, we can add custom material (such as your syllabus, homework assignments, any other information) directly into the text so students can find it.

We will also work with you and offer a volume discount on the text to lessen the financial burden on your students!

Our text is already making an impact as the core textbook for the Exam 4/C course at Columbia University. Take a look at what Professor Rabinowitz, the instructor of the course, had to say:

“Their assistance in helping to provide custom materials, discounts and resources for my class have been terrific. It has been a pleasure working with Actuarial Empire and I hope to continue using them for my Exam 4/C class in the years to come!”

– Basil Rabinowitz

Click here to read Professor Rabinowitz’s full letter.