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New Exam Material Posted

11/01/13 - Lessons

In case you haven’t found your way here yet, we have posted new supplementary material on the new items in the Exam 4/C syllabus as of the October 2013 sitting. You can view this addendum here: New Material We will integrate this (with added examples/practice problems) into the next edition of the book.

Method of Moments Problem

10/27/13 - Lessons, Videos

Learn how to calculate the value-at-risk of a claim size distribution based on historical data assumed to follow a parametric distribution. Update: 11/1/13 – PDF revised, fixed typo caught by Triquis @ ActuarialOutpost PDF

Simulating from a Binomial Distribution (via Stochastic Processes)

09/28/13 - Lessons, Videos

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us! If there’s something you liked (or didn’t like) or want to see a video on a new topic, please let us know as well 🙂 PDF

Expected Cost for Franchise Deductible Formulas

01/31/13 - Lessons, Tips & Tricks

This theory post will cover how to derive the Expected Cost Per Loss and the Expected Cost Per Payment using a franchise deductible.